QTC Green Bonds


Proceeds from QTC green bonds are allocated against qualifying green projects and assets for the State of Queensland that support Queensland’s pathway to climate resilience and an environmentally sustainable economy. In response to an evolving green bond market, QTC’s Green Bond Framework facilitates the issuance of both:

  • Climate Bonds Initiative (CBI) Certified Green Bonds, and
  • Green bonds that accord with the International Capital Market Association (ICMA) Green Bond Principles.

Details can be found in the QTC Green Bond Framework. The QTC Green Bond Framework has been developed in line with the Green Bond Principles and is consistent with the Climate Bonds Standard. It has been reviewed by DNV, an independent third party, who has provided an assurance opinion confirming accordance with the ICMA Green Bond Principles.

Eligible Projects and Assets

The net proceeds of both categories of Green Bonds may be allocated to existing, new and ongoing eligible projects and assets that have an environmental benefit associated with the State of Queensland. Eligible project and asset guidelines are set out in the QTC Green Bond Framework.

Allocation of Proceeds

The net proceeds of QTC Green Bonds may be allocated against eligible projects and assets that have an environmental benefit associated with the State of Queensland. This may include proceeds used for partially or wholly financing or re-financing new and existing eligible projects and assets. Details on allocation of proceeds and the eligible projects can be found in the QTC Green Bond Annual Report 2024.

Key Features

QTC Green Bond Framework




Government guaranteed


Tax status
  • Exempt from Australian interest withholding tax


QTC Green Bonds outstandings

Maturity*CouponISINCredit rating**Outstandings
AUD million
6 March 20292.50%AU3SG0001928AA+/Aa11,730
10 March 20311.25%AU3SG0002371AA+/Aa11,500
2 March 20321.50%AU3SG0002561AA+/Aa13,065
9 March 20334.50%AU3CB0297547AA+/Aa13,500
2 February 20344.75%AU3SG0002959AA+/Aa12,750
*144A eligibility. **Ratings by S&P Global and Moody’s Investors Service respectively. Credit ratings should not be taken as recommendations by a rating agency to buy, sell or hold securities (including the QTC Green Bonds). They may be revised, suspended or withdrawn at any time by the rating agency.

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