Chief Executive Officer

Leon Allen

Leon Allen was appointed Chief Executive Officer, Queensland Treasury Corporation (QTC) in February 2023 and oversees QTC’s multi-billion dollar funding program and balance sheet­—managing key relationships with institutional investors and government stakeholders to deliver financial outcomes for the State of Queensland. Mr Allen holds extensive experience in public sector financial management and the institutional banking and markets sector across a range disciplines.

Before joining QTC, he was Under Treasurer, Queensland Treasury where he oversaw three of the most significant Queensland State Budgets from 2020 to 2023 that helped guide and shape the State’s strong economic, fiscal, and commercial response through the pandemic.

Prior to his role as Under Treasurer of Queensland, he spent four years in the US as CEO and Managing Director of the Commonwealth Bank Australia (CBA) in the Americas.

Mr Allen has had broad experience in the local and international financial markets and held senior roles with the CBA locally as Managing Director – Government, Health, Education and Social Infrastructure and as Head of Institutional Banking and Markets Queensland.

Early in his career, Mr Allen worked in state and federal government agencies, including with the Australian Government’s Department of Finance, Queensland Treasury and Ergon Energy.

Mr Allen was formerly the Chair of the State Investment Advisory Board, member of Trade and Investment Queensland Board and Chair of the South Bank Corporation Board.

He is a proud Queenslander and was the Government Champion for the remote community of Pormpuraaw, during his time as Under Treasurer and through Queensland Treasury’s support for the Queensland Government’s Path to Treaty.