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Queensland Treasury Corporation retail bond scam alert

Scammers may be impersonating well-known domestic and global companies, including financial institutions, and offering fictitious Queensland Treasury Corporation (QTC) bonds and other investment products to members of the public. The scammers may also be impersonating QTC and using QTC’s corporate branding to offer QTC bonds.

Please be vigilant against such scams, especially if you are contacted by an unknown party with investment opportunities. QTC has not authorised any institution to offer QTC public bonds (including retail green bonds) to retail investors.

Victims are often sent fake investment materials and disclosure documents purporting to be issued by the impersonated company. In particular, look out for offers made via links in emails. If you receive such email do not reply or click on links. Unlike other versions of this type of scam, these emails sometimes contain typos. Before investing, share details including any disclosure document with your bank. This will help them check the legitimacy of the offer before transferring any funds.

In addition, exercise caution when disclosing personal information. QTC will never call you and ask you to provide personal information or your bank account details.

Please see the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC) website (www.asic.gov.au) for further information. In addition, if you suspect that you have been scammed, please report it to ASIC.

If you would like information about QTC’s Queensland Bonds, please contact Link Market Services and request a prospectus on +61 1800 777 166 (if calling from outside Australia) or 1800 777 166 (free call within Australia), or QTC on +61 7 3842 4753. You can also email qtcops@linkmarketservices.com.au

Queensland Treasury Corporation shall not be held liable or responsible for any claims, losses, damages or other expenses resulting from or in any way connected to the actions of scammers.

Current investors

If you currently hold QTC Queensland Bonds and would like information on your investment,  contact our registry, Link Market Services on 1800 777 166 or email by clicking the button below.
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Public bonds

If you are an Australian resident (for tax purposes), you can invest in QTC Queensland Bonds with a minimum $5,000 and, thereafter, in multiples of $100.

Investors can choose QTC Queensland Bonds of differing maturities and differing interest rate earnings. Interest can be paid quarterly or half-yearly and on maturity, the principal investment and interest earned can be paid direct to a bank account.

QTC Queensland Bonds

Queensland Treasury Corporation is a statutory authority, which was established in 1988. We are the State of Queensland’s corporate treasury services provider, with responsibility for providing financial risk management.  One of our services is to issue Queensland Bonds. We do this under authority of the Queensland Treasury Corporation Act (Queensland) 1988.

Government guarantee

Under the Queensland Treasury Corporation Act (Queensland) 1988, QTC Queensland Bonds are guaranteed by the Queensland Government, both for the payment of interest and the repayment of principal on maturity.

No fees

Queensland Bonds are entirely fee-free, attracting no brokerage or ‘front-end’ fees and no management or account-keeping fees.

Change of details

If you hold QTC Queensland Bonds and have changed your address, contact details or banking information, you need to notify Link Market Services Limited of the change.

Contact information

This is a summary of the key features of QTC’s Queensland Bonds. For more information or a prospectus, please contact Link on +61 1800 777 166 (if calling from outside Australia) or 1800 777 166 (freecall within Australia), or QTC on +61 7 3842 4753. You can also email qtcops@linkmarketservices.com.au

Online investor centre

Access the Link Market Services Investor Centre. 


Applications for Queensland Bonds should be lodged with Link Market Services Limited (QTC’s registry):

Either by mail to:
Link Market Services Limited
PO Box 3722
Rhodes NSW 2138
Or in person at:
Link Market Services Limited
Level 12, World Square
680 George Street
Sydney NSW 2000