Benchmark bonds

QTC offers established lines with a choice of 12 maturities across the yield curve

Non-benchmark bonds

QTC offers other debt instruments issued under its domestic AUD bond program

Medium-term notes

QTC operates US$10 billion multi-currency Euro and US medium-term note programs

Short-term paper

QTC issues a range of short-term paper in Australian dollar and other currencies

Credit Ratings

S&P Global AA+/Stable/A-1+

‘Australia’s institutional settings as well as Queensland’s experienced management team and exceptional liquidity coverage continue to underpin the state’s creditworthiness.’

Moody’s Investors Service Aa1/Stable/P1

‘The credit profile of the State of Queensland reflects the strong institutional framework for Australian states and their ability to adjust state-based revenues and expenditures as required. It is also supported by secure and predictable grants from the Government of Australia, ample levels of internal liquidity and a fully funded superannuation liability.’

Government guaranteed

The Treasurer of Queensland, on behalf of the Queensland State Government, guarantees:

  • all of QTC’s obligations under all debt securities issued by QTC, and
  • QTC’s payment obligations to counterparties under derivative transactions governed by ISDA agreements.

In addition to the Queensland State Government Guarantee, selected domestic and global AUD denominated bond lines, issued by QTC, are guaranteed by the Australian Government and carry a AAA/Aaa credit rating form S & P Global and Moody’s Investors Service respectively.

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