Right to Information

The Queensland Government’s Right to Information reforms provide more information, equal access for all sectors of the community, and appropriate protection for an individual’s privacy. The Government committed to provide access to information it holds unless it is contrary to the public interest to provide that information. This legislation, which replaced the Freedom of Information Act 1992, came into effect on 1 July 2009.

Please note, the process for making a ‘Right to Information’ application replaces the previous Freedom of Information (FOI) process.

For further information please refer to the Government Right to Information Gateway.

Right to QTC information

The general right of access conferred by The Right to Information Act 2009 does not extend to ‘exempt’ information held by the Government. Information is classified as ‘exempt’ where Parliament has determined that there is an overwhelming public interest in not disclosing the information because of confidentiality, privacy or security. Information relating to QTC’s borrowing, liability and asset management functions is exempt from access under Section 17 and Schedule 2 Part 2 Item 9 of the Right to Information Act 2009.

Publication scheme

The QTC publication scheme describes and categorises ‘non-exempt’ information routinely published by QTC. It gives the community greater access to information the Government holds. QTC’s information is grouped and accessible through seven classes:

  1. About QTC: QTC is governed by the Queensland Treasury Corporation Act 1988. Further information about QTC’s structure and functions is provided on the QTC website. General enquiries about QTC can be made through our Contact Us page.
  2. Our services: QTC’s primary focus is providing borrowing, liability and asset management services, and financial and risk management advice to Queensland public sector entities.  Details and information about QTC’s financial advisory services are available on our QTC Client website.
  3. Our finances and business: Information about how QTC spends funds is made available through its annual report.
  4. Our priorities: QTC’s vision is for efficient and effective financial risk management practices across our clients and the State. Information about this vision and priorities is made available through QTC’s annual report.
  5. Our decisions: QTC’s decisions are made to advance its objectives and functions under the Queensland Treasury Corporation Act 1988. No formal mechanisms are in place to enable members of the community to participate in QTC decisions, but QTC consults experts and interested parties prior to formulating decisions and carrying out its decisions, as determined appropriate and desirable.
  6. Our policies: As the State’s corporate treasury services provider, QTC does not formulate Government policy but works within the policy frameworks developed by Queensland Treasury and the State Government as a whole. Information is available about QTC policies developed as part of its compliance program including the Complaints Policy and Privacy Statement.
  7. Our lists and information provided by subscription: QTC does not provide information generally by way of subscription or free mailing services. From time to time, QTC provides its public sector clients and investors with information by email. Information routinely published by QTC and available to the public includes:

How to access information

Existing administrative release processes

Access to personal information is made through submission of an Information Privacy application sent directly to QTC using the Right to Information and Information Privacy Access Application form. There is no charge for access to personal information.

Any personal information held by QTC that is inaccurate, incomplete, misleading or out of date can be amended through a Personal Information Amendment Application Form.

Applications should be addressed to the following:

Compliance Officer
Queensland Treasury Corporation
GPO Box 1096
Brisbane Qld 4001
Phone: +61 7 3842 4600

Access under the Right to Information Act

Access to non-exempt QTC information that is not available either through this website or by administrative release, may be made by submitting a Right to Information application directly to QTC. Download, print and complete the Right to Information application form. The completed form should be emailed or sent to the following address:

Compliance Officer
Queensland Treasury Corporation
GPO Box 1096
Brisbane Qld 4001
Phone: +61 7 3842 4600

A successful Right to Information application may incur a number of application, processing or access fees and charges. Further information regarding the relevant fees and charges is available via the Office of the Information Commissioner website.

Contacting QTC for further information

If you wish to obtain further information, please write to the Compliance Officer at the address above.

If you require any information available from the QTC website in an alternative format, contact us through our website enquiry form and we will endevour to meet all reasonble requests.

Providing feedback

If you wish to provide feedback on the content of information made available by QTC under the Right to Information Act 2009, you may forward written feedback to the Compliance Officer at the address above.

If you wish to provide feedback about the availability of information on this website please submit a comment through our Complaints policy page.

QTC Annual Report

QTC’s latest Annual Report is available on this website. Click here to view our current and previous reports.