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Queensland Sustainability Report

Queensland Treasury publishes an annual Queensland Sustainability Report:

  • outlining the Queensland Government’s approach to managing sustainability risks and opportunities, including the governance structures supporting policy oversight and implementation,
  • providing information on the Queensland Government’s major commitments and policies for addressing sustainability risks and opportunities, and
  • describing how the Queensland Government measures, monitors and manages its sustainability risks and opportunities.

Refer to the full report and the accompanying dataset and data dictionary for details:


Queensland Sustainability Report

Queensland's approach to ESG

The Queensland Government is committed to taking positive action to improve health and education and to achieve economic growth while tackling climate change and working to preserve the environment. The Queensland Government recognises the need to embed sustainability considerations in decision making to support better community outcomes.

The state will achieve sustainable development outcomes by leveraging Queensland’s economic strengths and competitive advantages, to drive job creation, economic growth and innovation in the economy.

The Queensland Government acknowledges the importance of providing relevant and transparent financial and non-financial information in relation to the management of sustainability risks and opportunities, demonstrating its accountability to the community and to other stakeholders.

Action on climate change

The Queensland Government has set emissions reduction targets with the objectives of achieving zero net emissions and decarbonising the energy sector. It has set targets for key emissions and renewable energy targets:

  • 50%1 renewable energy target by 2030,
  • 30% emissions reduction below 2005 levels by 2030,
  • 70% renewable energy target by 2032,
  • 75% emissions reduction below 2005 levels by 2035,
  • 80% renewable energy target by 2035, and
  • zero net emissions by 2050.

Refer to Queensland Government’s Climate Action:

1 For the purposes of measuring performance against this target, the Queensland Government currently reports a measure of renewable energy generation in Queensland as a proportion of electricity consumption within Queensland (excluding exports). i.e. An estimate of the proportion of electricity consumed in Queensland that is generated from renewable sources.​