Coronavirus (COVID-19) update
As previously disclosed, due to COVID-19, Queensland’s Budget has been deferred and the Queensland Government has released its September COVID-19 Fiscal and Economic Review (C19-FER). Content published on this website is as at the date indicated, and may not reflect the C19-FER update or latest COVID-19 impacts.

Queensland’s finances

Total grants of around AUD29 billion (including those from the Australian Government) are expected to account for around 50 per cent of Queensland’s total government revenue in 2020-21.

The Queensland Government has released its COVID-19 Fiscal and Economic Review.

Budgeted revenues 2020–21
AUD56.2 billion

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Budgeted taxation revenues 2020–21
AUD13.8 billion

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May not add to 100 per cent due to rounding. #Taxation Revenue comprises the taxes and levies listed in the budgeted taxation revenues chart.
*Grants from the Australian Government are almost evenly split between general and specific purpose payments. General purpose payments include GST revenue grants, are ‘untied’ and used for both recurrent and capital purposes. Specific purpose payments are ‘tied’ and used to fund specific projects or programs in order to support service delivery and facilitate reforms.
Source: Queensland Government COVID-19 Fiscal and Economic Review.

Queensland Government’s open data

The Queensland Government is committed to making data accessible through the open data initiative. Below is a link to the Queensland State Budget, Budget Measures (Budget Paper 4) CSV file.