Benchmark bonds

See QTC’s Fixed Income Distribution Group here.

Outstandings by maturity

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Data as at 11 October 2019. *144A capability
QTC trades in its own securities in the open market. Such securities may be held, resold or cancelled at QTC’s discretion.

Key features

Government guranteed
  • All of QTC’s debt obligations under all debt securities are unconditionally guaranteed by the Queensland Government.


Liquidity support
  • Secondary market activity is supported by 12 dedicated distribution group members
  • Issuance via tap, tender, reverse enquiry and syndication basis
  • Well established domestic bond market


Choice of maturities
  • Principal source of funding
  • Established lines with a choice of 13 maturities
  • Determined as level 1, highest quality liquid assets (HQLA1) by Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA)
  • APRA applies a zero percent risk weighting to QTC
  • Eligible asset for outright investment by Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA)
  • Eligible collateral for repurchase agreements with RBA
  • Australia is an OECD member country
  • New bond lines may be offered in the US to ‘qualified institutional buyers’ pursuant to Rule 144A


Tax status
  • Exempt from Australian interest withholding tax

AUD benchmark bonds on issue

Maturity Coupon ISIN Credit Rating** Outstandings
AUD million
21 Feb 2020 6.25% AU0000XQLQM7 AA+/Aa1/AA 8,018
21 Jun 2021 5.50% AU0000XQLQV8 AA+/Aa1/AA 8,120
21 Jul 2022 6.00% AU0000XQLQT2 AA+/Aa1/AA 8,284
21 Jul 2023* 4.25% AU0000XQLQX4 AA+/Aa1/AA 8,334
22 Jul 2024 5.75% AU0000XQLQU0 AA+/Aa1/AA 8,324
21 Jul 2025* 4.75% AU0000XQLQZ9 AA+/Aa1/AA 8,381
21 Jul 2026* 3.25% AU000XQLQAA7 AA+/Aa1/AA 7,380
20 Aug 2027* 2.75% AU3SG0001605 AA+/Aa1/AA 6,037
21 July 2028* 3.25% AU000XQLQAB5 AA+/Aa1/AA 5,461
21 Aug 2029* 3.25% AU3SG0001860 AA+/Aa1/AA 4,229
21 Aug 2030* 3.50% AU3CB0248037 AA+/Aa1/AA 3,636
21 Aug 2031* 1.75% AU3SG0001993 AA+/Aa1/AA 2,750
14 Mar 2033 6.50% AU0000XQLQI5 AA+/Aa1/AA 1,210
Data as at 11 October 2019. *144A capability. **Ratings by S&P Global, Moody's Investors Service and Fitch respectively. Credit ratings should not be taken as recommendations by a rating agency to buy, sell or hold securities. They may be revised, suspended or withdrawn at any time by the rating agency.
QTC trades in its own securities in the open market. Such securities may be held, resold or cancelled at QTC’s discretion.

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