Funding facilities

QTC offers global investors a diverse range of funding facilities in a variety of markets, currencies and with various terms to maturity. Most of QTC’s funding, which is undertaken to meet its public sector clients’ borrowing requirements and to refinance existing debt, is sourced through its long-term debt facilities. QTC’s AUD benchmark bonds are its primary source of funding and QTC issues into existing lines by tap, tender and reverse enquiry.

Diverse range of funding facilities

QTC funding sources by facility

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QTC maintains a diversified global focus to meet its funding requirements. $A Bond and Euro MTN facilities are admitted to trading on the regulated market of the Luxembourg Stock Exchange (the LuxSE) and listed on the Official List of the LuxSE.

QTC has chosen Luxembourg as its ‘home member state’ within the European Union in respect of its Global $A Bond and Euro MTN facilities.

*AGG – Australian Government Guaranteed. Data as at 31 March 2017
Note: Chart values are AUD face value millons

Long-term facilities

QTC has established onshore and offshore funding facilities to enable access to funds when required.

FacilitySize $MGoverning LawMaturitiesCurrenciesPlacement
AUD BondUnlimitedQueensland13 benchmark lines: 2017-2028, 2033AUDReverse enquiry or public issues through Distribution Group
3 AGG* lines: 2017-2021AUDTraded in the secondary market through the Distribution Group
1 QTC Green Bond: 2024AUDPublic issues through Distribution Group
1 capital indexed bond: 2030AUDReverse enquiry through Distribution Group
1 floating rate note: 2018AUDReverse enquiry through Distribution Group
1 preferred line: 2047AUDReverse inquiry through Distribution Group
Global AUD BondAUD 20,000New York and QueenslandAGG* line: 2017 (transferable to domestic bonds)AUDTraded in the secondary market through the Distribution Group
Multi-currency Euro MTNUSD 10,000English and QueenslandAny maturity subject to market regulationsMulti-currencyReverse enquiry through Dealer Panel
Multi-currency US MTNUSD 10,000New York and Queensland9 months - 30 yearsMulti-currencyReverse enquiry through Dealer Panel
*AGG – Australian Government Guaranteed. Data as at 31 March 2017

Short-term facilities

FacilitySize $MGoverning LawMaturitiesCurrenciesPlacement
Domestic T-NoteUnlimitedQueensland7 - 365 daysAUDReverse enquiry through Dealer Panel
Euro CPUSD 10,000English and Queensland1 - 364 daysMulti-currencyContinuously offered through Dealer Panel
US CPUSD 10,000New York and Queensland1 - 270 daysUSDContinuously offered through Dealer Panel
The funding facilities listed are supplemented with public issues and private placements.
Data as at 31 March 2017

Funding sources by investor location

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Funding approach

QTC takes a conservative risk management approach in all its borrowing and on-lending activities, with a balanced debt maturity profile supported by liquid reserves.

QTC undertakes comprehensive, regular market and investor updates through its roadshow program to ensure all markets sectors are kept informed on Queensland’s economic and fiscal position.

QTC is committed to maintaining valued long-term investor and intermediary relationships. QTC’s domestic and global investors include central banks and other sovereign investors, multi-national finance, superannuation and investment corporations, and major domestic and international banks.

Approximately 30 per cent of QTC’s funding is sourced from offshore based investors.