The work

At QTC, we work together to drive financial improvements across the State’s multi-billion dollar balance sheet. We do this across all four of our divisions in the way that we manage the State’s funding program, financial data, liquidity and financial risk; and in the way innovate, transform and lead on projects that enhance Queensland’s economic and financial future.

QTC’s Client Advisory division helps government organisations innovate, transform and lead to advance Queensland’s economic and financial position. We work across the whole-of-government on a wide variety of projects that provide tangible, long-lasting enhancements for Queensland. Our corporate advisors assist our Queensland Government clients to identify and understand key value drivers to optimise services, performance and cost.

Our areas of expertise include:
  • Financial Management
  • Stakeholder Engagement
    Program Implementation
  • Assist policy development & alignment
  • Operations
    Risk and Assurance
  • Portfolio and Program Evaluation
  • Financial Management
    Stakeholder Engagement
    Program Implementation
    Assist policy development & alignment
  • Strategy
    Risk and Assurance
    Portfolio and Program Evaluation

As the Queensland Government’s central financing authority, our Funding and Markets Division manages the State’s borrowing requirement. We borrow funds in the domestic and global markets by issuing, managing and administering a variety of funding facilities. We focus on providing the lowest-cost of debt in a way that minimises liquidity risk and refinancing risk, while achieving significant economies of scale and scope for the State.

Our Funding and Markets Division also invests surplus cash balances and manages financial market risks on behalf of QTC clients, as well as coordinating financial education services for Queensland’s public sector.

Working in our Funding and Markets Division exposes you to financial transactions and risk management decisions that are experienced at the world’s largest financial institutions.

With an intermediary panel of banks (Fixed Income Distribution Group) and global investor relations program, working at QTC allows you to expand your professional network within both the domestic and international banking sectors.

Our Finance, Data and Compliance Division focuses on business processes and explores innovations that increase efficiency while managing risks. The division ensures QTC can operate confidently and accurately advise its clients.

Their work spans:

  • settlement and back office transactional execution
  • complex financial reporting (for a balance sheet nearing $100B), and
  • the calculation, assessment and advice surrounding the collection of market, economic, and credit risks to the State.

We use our wealth of data to generate strategic advice, optimise risk mitigation, enhance client relationships and drive process and technology changes to ensure the financial security and growth of the State.

With exposure to the full gamut of financial markets activities and products, working in this division allows you to have the opportunity to participate in the analysis and interpretation of financial data across a host of platforms. Our employees operate at the cutting edge of business intelligence data preparation, analysis and presentation; and our proactive, enabling approach to providing Compliance and Audit services is highly valued across the organisation.

Our Finance Data and Compliance Division also undertakes credit analyses and advice for the loan book of the whole state. In addition, we consult and collaborate with our colleagues in the Client Advisory Division on the financing and risk assessment for new projects that are being scoped for Queensland.

QTC’s Corporate Services division works with teams across the entire organisation to ensure that their business needs are supported to the highest standard. We recruit exceptional people for our Legal, Procurement, Governance, Communication, Human Resources, Business Support and IT teams. The excellence of our corporate services has been recognised by industry bodies and we have been nominated for, and won, significant industry awards in recent years—including HR Team of the Year and Legal Team of the Year.

With exposure to all areas of the organisation and a focus on best-practice delivery, working in Corporate Services at QTC allows you to gain experience that will support your growing career trajectory.